Inside a Mom’s Head … While She’s Running on the Treadmill

Stretch. That wasn’t long enough, hold that stretch longer. I don’t want to do this. Breathe. Is the playlist going? I need some N’Sync in my life. No, not that one, skip the ballads. I need to stretch more.  Note to self: stretch longer after the run. 90s boy bands, that will work. Motivating, right? … More Inside a Mom’s Head … While She’s Running on the Treadmill

MOM Friendships 101

My first blog post about friendship, and specifically new friendship, seems to have struck a chord with several women. (If you missed it, find it HERE ) What I wasn’t prepared for, however, were the comments about being burned or used by friends in the past. Oh ladies, that breaks my heart! Of COURSE we … More MOM Friendships 101


I know I can’t be the only one with an aversion to certain words. Take the word MOIST, for example. Unless you’re describing a cupcake, the connotation makes me gag and I can’t stand it. #booknerdproblems However, another word has appeared as overused lately and I’d like to explore the usage of this word. AMAZING. … More An AMAZING Post

Dear New Friend

Dear New Friend Hi! It’s been nice getting to know you. We may have met at church, or school or through our kids activities and I think we’ve reached that point in the friendship where we can have the DTR talk. You know … Define The Relationship. Now that I’ve been a mom for nearly … More Dear New Friend