How to Use Social Media Like an Adult

Social media has been around now for over a decade.  (Raise your hand if you had a MySpace before Facebook!)  For me, it’s a fun way to keep up with friends and relatives who live far away – and share funny stuff with those close by.  Motherhood can be isolating and sometimes social media feels like it’s my only link to the outside world.

Unfortunately the use of said social media seems to have led to an increase in adults behaving like children, hiding behind their computer/phone screen.

Welcome to my personal guide for using social media appropriately!

When using social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc), please DO engage in these positive behaviors:
👍🏻 sharing something you find (clean and) funny
👍🏻 sharing something you find inspiring
👍🏻 sharing photos of your kids for friends and family far away
👍🏻 sharing something relatable (i.e. #momlife or #studentlife or #parentingfail, etc)
👍🏻 keeping in touch with friends and relatives
👍🏻 sharing about nonprofit organizations whose work you are passionate about
👍🏻 sharing about community events
👍🏻 hiding people from your feed who tend to annoy you for no particular reason
👍🏻 respectfully sharing ideas with friends near and far
👍🏻 asking for advice
👍🏻 asking for experience with a product or service

USE CAUTION, however and please do NOT engage in the following behaviors on social media:
👎🏻 posting something to passive-aggressively insult someone
👎🏻 assuming someone else’s post is passive-aggressively directed at you
👎🏻 posting something political
👎🏻 engaging in political debate on Facebook
👎🏻 unfriending or blocking someone simply because you disagree with them
👎🏻 getting emotionally worked up about something you read
👎🏻 using someone else’s account to “Facebook stalk” someone
👎🏻 making assumptions about someone else’s life because of what they choose to post
👎🏻 comparing yourself to other people based on their posts
👎🏻 complaining about someone’s posts or judging them harshly based on said posts
👎🏻 inexplicably unfriending or blocking someone you are friends with in IRL instead of having an actual conversation with them

If everyone would follow these suggestions like 80% of the time (hey, nobody’s perfect), I am convinced we all live in a much a happier world.  What would you add to this list???

Still confused???  Follow Dwight Schrute’s advice:  “Whenever I’m about to do something, I think:  Would an IDIOT do that?  And if they would, I do NOT do that thing.” 👍🏻

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